Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


The responsibilities of the department of Oral and Maxillo-facial surgery can be broadly divided into minor oral surgical procedures and major maxillo-facial surgical procedures.Minor Oral Surgery deals with procedures like extraction,excision of intra oral benign lenions like epulis, lipoma and cysts.
Maxillo-facial surgery (Major Oral Surgery) on the other hand deals with management of orofacial injuries like fracture of jaw bones,congenital problems like cleft lip & palate, facial deformities,inflammatory/infective ledions like osteomyelitis, cellulites, malignant lesions like carcinoma and sarcoma of the facial region.
Students and Interns are given extensive training to ensure that they can handle minor oral surgical procedures independently and are given some orientation on the management of patients with major maxillo-facial lesions.

Dr. Pranaya Ratna Shakya, MDS
Dr. Dipti Shrestha, MDS
Dr. Reena Shrestha
Dr. Mahendra Maharjan