1. Produce graduate dental surgeons within the country by launching BDS programme. 
2. Meet the acute shortage of human resources in the field of dentistry. 
3. Develop different levels of dental manpower to fulfill the need of the nation. 
4. Establish a teaching hospital where people of low socioeconomic status can have easy access to all types of dental services. 
5. Stop the outflow of valuable foreign currency by the Nepalese going abroad for higher education in dentistry. 
6. Provide quality education in the country to attract foreign students to help earn foreign currency for the nation. 
7. Provide dental health education to the community and organize mobile dental health camps to produce oral health awareness among the rural people. 

People's Dental College and Hospital was founded in 1997 with the objective of making available up-to-date training facilities to become qualified dental professional and to help meet the country's growing health care requirements.

Situated in the heart of Kathmandu, People's Dental College and Hospital comprises two massive buildings for clinical,academic and administrative pursuits.

At this institute,each department is an efficiently planned, organized and independent unit.Every department has all the infrastructural facilities, equipments and manpower to ensure optimum efficiency.Needless to say faculty members are outstanding academicians whose professional acumen is a driving force and inspiration to every students.