Message From The Hospital Director

I still remember the day when we had started People's Dental Clinic with four dental surgeons,four dental chairs in a rented building.Today, time has changed and People's Dental College and Hospital has become the biggest dental center of Nepal.More than 24 dental specialists,30 dental surgeons and lots of other technical manpower are attached to this institution.Thousands of people are provided with quality dental services for their dental and oral problems every year and this number is increasing day by day.

The hospital not only focuses on providing treatment but also focuses on prevention of oral diseases.This is achieved by various oral health awareness programs,community oral health services and school oral health programs which are conduced in rural areas for economically and socially disadvantaged groups.Today,the institute boasts of an accomplished faculty and numerous departments.All the clinics and laboratories are spacious,well furnished with sophisticated equipments and gfadgets to facilitate an excellent environment that is conductive for learning and providing services to the patients.

Dr. Suraj Ram B. Mathema
Hospital Director